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Daily Douchebag!!!

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Today marks the first instalment of our Daily Douchebag category. This story comes from street team member Pinkey! So pinkey was at CVS the other day and ran into this idiot. He stopped to get a soda before jumping on his next connection. He sat in line for five minuites and was starting to wonder what the holdup was. When all of a sudden the guy in front of him at the register turned to the side. Where he was paying for a soda in change. REALLY!!!! GTFOH!!!! First off even the cashier was like “you count that out I am going to help these people.” Secondly look at your gut dude, you dont need a damn soda if you have to search the dang couch cushions for it. Thirdly its peak hours homie people got places to be, you know you are wrong for holding up a line. So CONGRATULATIONS dude you get the first ever Daily Douchebag category!!!

Thanx to Pinkey for the story!!!