Shepherd Fairey installation!

This is one on Labrea and 1st street.


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One of the things you must know about me is I looooove street art!!! Grafitti, stickers, stencils, or installations, to me it is the last pure art form because alot of the artist are doing the art just for the sake of doing it. They dont get paid and in fact could go to jail,and sometimes do, for placing their creations where the world can see them. This is an installation I love. Its on Gower next to Paramount studios and changes all the time.Image

The trains in LA!

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So one of the wonderful public systems that I get to take as a substitute to my car is the Metro! LA’s public transportation system. I always have said LA would be heaven if they had a subway system like New York does. I actually would move to NY, but I hate weather!!! So I am stuck using what is available here. Now in the last few years Los Angeles county has added more train lines and extended their buss hours to try and keep up with the demand of better public transportation. With the extension of the Expo line to Culver City so westside residents can access it. I have to admit that the new line is pretty awesome. I took it yesterday all the way to downtown where I connected with the Red Line and landed in the heart of Hollywood. Did it take a bit of time? YES !!!! Did I see some crazy people? YIPEEEE !!!!!! Will I have great stories,pics and videos in the future? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!!!! Please stay tuned………Image

Puppy rocking Chucks!

This is Bentley a 4 month old puppy I met on Hollywood blvd the other day! He had little Chucks on all 4 paws! He was soooooo cool, I normally think clothes on animals is retarded, but this was pretty F-ing rad!

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The beginning of a journey!

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I live in Los Angeles population of 9,818,605 human beings in one big melting pot. It covers an area of 4,752 square miles,and has some of the worst traffic problems imaginable. The jokes about LA traffic are endless. Such as “Why do they call it the 405 (freeway)”? ……. Because it takes 4 or 5 hours to get where you need to go. The traffic here is kinda one of those things you just deal with and try not to let make you insane. In a nutshell if you don’t have a car you’re screwed!! So what happens when all of a sudden you are without driving privileges for six months? Well dear reader THAT is what has happened to yours truly. Due to a little drinking and driving charge (they are cracking down hard here) I am now revoked of my liscence.  So what does a girl do to make the experience worthwhile! She decides to document her adventures on foot,bike, bus and train. See this is the home of Hollyweird and there are so many things that happen while commuting publicly, that I HAD to share all the fun.

Yours Truly, The urban explorer