Dear germaphobes!

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

So a few days ago I was on the bus that goes through Santa Monica and there was this guy! He got on the bus after me and proceeded to lay down about ten fast food napkins in the seat before sitting down. He actually took about ten minutes to accomplish this feat. All the while standing and balancing on a moving bus without holding onto anything. Which is a feat in itself due to the jerking and stoping. (Think of a surfer balancing on a moving wave)
Now I’m all for being smart about germs on these transports! I have hand sanitizer and I never lean my head on the windows no matter how tired I am. Have a girl catching SARS and shit! But really dude? Do you really think a bunch of napkins are going to do any kind of protecting against germs? Also it’s your ass dude! Have you never sat on a beach or on grass? That has more dirt than a seat on a bus. It really makes no sense at all. SMH!!! I wish I coulda gotten a video of him riding with no hands though it was kinda cool. Make it a new sport BUS SURFING!



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