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Dear germaphobes!

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

So a few days ago I was on the bus that goes through Santa Monica and there was this guy! He got on the bus after me and proceeded to lay down about ten fast food napkins in the seat before sitting down. He actually took about ten minutes to accomplish this feat. All the while standing and balancing on a moving bus without holding onto anything. Which is a feat in itself due to the jerking and stoping. (Think of a surfer balancing on a moving wave)
Now I’m all for being smart about germs on these transports! I have hand sanitizer and I never lean my head on the windows no matter how tired I am. Have a girl catching SARS and shit! But really dude? Do you really think a bunch of napkins are going to do any kind of protecting against germs? Also it’s your ass dude! Have you never sat on a beach or on grass? That has more dirt than a seat on a bus. It really makes no sense at all. SMH!!! I wish I coulda gotten a video of him riding with no hands though it was kinda cool. Make it a new sport BUS SURFING!




Posted: November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

First off I apologize for the length between the last post and this one. I have been dealing with the difficulties that come with becoming what I call “vehicle independent”! Secondly this post is dedicated to my friend Bravo, who sent me a message on Facebook asking me where my posts went. So ladies and gentlemen lets talk about a situation I found myself in recently.

A few weeks ago I took the excruciating two and a half hour commute to work. The trip itself consists of only three connections that are about 40 minutes each. I get on my first bus and listening to my music when I notice that something smells like dog poop. I look around and realize that there was no one close enough to me to be the culprit. I then realize after further investigation that I am in fact the culprit and that I have shit all over my right sneaker!! Now here’s where it gets tricky! I have at this point only been on ten minutes of a fourty minute ride. What do I do? Do I try to wipe it off on the floor, and make the bus smell all day? Do I get off the bus in order to wipe it off ,thus interrupting my route,and hope I can get to work on time? Do I ask the bus driver to let me wipe it off at next stop real quick and hold up the rest of the commuters? Do I embarrass myself and ask if someone has a napkin? What does a person do in this situation? As I sat there smelling like a pound puppy I did the only thing I could think of. I sat with my toe on the ground and the poopy part of my foot in the air. FOR THIRTY MINUTES!
Did I get looked at funny by an old lady? Yup sure did!
But what was a girl to do? It was either be late to work or sit in shit!

Whose a soldier ……..this guy!